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pgRouting extends the PostGIS/PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing and other network analysis functionality.


  1. pgrouting Public

    Repository contains pgRouting library. Development branch is "develop", stable branch is "master"

    C++ 981 362

  2. Import tool for OpenStreetMap data to pgRouting database

    C++ 258 109

  3. Forked from anitagraser/pgRoutingLayer

    pgRouting Layer plugin for QGIS

    Python 21 20

  4. workshop Public

    Source, data and docs for the pgRouting workshop

    CMake 17 33

  5. Docker for pgRouting

    Dockerfile 45 28

  6. QGIS Plugin to act as a graphical frontend for the command line utility "osm2pgrouting"

    Python 2 1


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