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PgBouncer 1.22.0

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@JelteF JelteF released this 31 Jan 12:48
· 1 commit to master since this release

2024-01-31 - PgBouncer 1.22.0 - "DEALLOCATE ALL"

  • Features

    • Adds support for DEALLOCATE ALL and DISCARD ALL when max_prepared_statements is set to a non-zero value (normal DEALLOCATE
      is still unsupported) (#972)
    • Support configuring auth_query per database (#979)
  • Changes

    • Improve settings in the recommended systemd unit file (#983)
    • Make fail fast logic handle all scenarios where no working connections to the database exist anymore and none can be established (#998)
    • Multiple documentation improvements
  • Fixes

    • Fix issue in PG14+ where PgBouncer would send SET DateStyle='ISO' for every transaction (#879)
    • Fix handling of empty application_name (#999)
    • Fix building on Windows with OpenSSL 3.2.0 (#1009)

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