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Use two space indentation in the readme xml examples

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@@ -16,23 +16,23 @@ How to use it?
Start out by adding the parent configuration to your pom.
- <groupId>org.jboss</groupId>
- <artifactId>jboss-parent</artifactId>
- <version>6-beta-2</version>
+ <groupId>org.jboss</groupId>
+ <artifactId>jboss-parent</artifactId>
+ <version>6-beta-2</version>
Depending on the needs of your build, you can customize the plugins and other settings using properties.
For example, to override the default version of the maven-compiler-plugin, just set a property.
- <version.compiler.plugin>2.3</version.compiler.plugin>
+ <version.compiler.plugin>2.3</version.compiler.plugin>
Or override the default Java compiler source and target level used in the build. Note the default level is 1.6.
- <>1.5</>
- <maven.compiler.source>1.5</maven.compiler.source>
+ <>1.5</>
+ <maven.compiler.source>1.5</maven.compiler.source>
For the full list of properties, refer to the POM itself.

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