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JBoss Parent POM

The parent Maven POM for JBoss community projects.

Maven Central

What is it?

The JBoss parent POM provides default configuration for Maven builds.

  • Recommended/Default versions for the most commonly used Maven plugins
  • Manifest configuration for the jar and assembly plugins
  • Profiles for generating source jars, and enforcing a minimum versions of Java and Maven
  • Distribution Management and other configuration for deploying to the JBoss.org Maven repositories

How to use it?

Start out by adding the parent configuration to your pom.


The pom includes properties which allow various build configuration to be customized. For example, to override the default version of the maven-compiler-plugin, just set a property.


Or override the default Java compiler source and target level used in the build.
Note the default level is 1.8.


The minimum version of Java or Maven required to run a build can also be set via properties.


If jdk.min.version is not set, it default to version defined by maven.compiler.source

For the full list of properties, refer to the POM itself.

The JBoss Release Profile

The parent POM includes a Maven profile called "jboss-release". This profile contains settings for generating a full project source archive, javadoc jar files, and release deployment metadata. If using the Maven release plugin, this profile will automatically be activate during the release:perform step.

If the Maven release plugin is not used during the release process, the profile can be manually activated from the command line during a release build.

mvn -Pjboss-release deploy

The GPG Sign Profile

This POM includes a Maven profile called "gpg-sign" which provides default configuration to generate GPG signatures for the build artifacts.

mvn -Pgpg-sign deploy

In order for the gpg plugin to properly create a signature for each artifact, the properties "gpg.keyname" and "gpg.passphrase" must be available to the current build. These properties can either be set in a build profile, or on the command line.

    <!-- Don't keep passphrase in plain text! -->

Where to get more information?

The github wiki provides some additional examples. For questions/suggestions about the jboss-parent-pom, head to the JBoss Community Build space on the jboss.org site. Issues related to the jboss-parent-pom can be submitted to the JBoss build jira project


  • This software is in the public domain