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Get the Flow Down - Flow Learning Resources

Get the Flow Down is a curated collection of the best Flow blockchain tools, tutorials, articles and more! If you have come across an awesome tutorial, tool, community, blog or you have created one yourself, please create a PR!

Inspired by the great Nader Dabit's awesome-aws-amplify

Getting Started

As always, the best place to start is with the official documentation. There you will find links to official tutorials, guides and walkthroughs, as well language references for Cadence, Flow Client Library, Flow CLI, and some SDKs. You can also checkout the Flow GitHub, which contains a wealth of code from which you can learn. Finally, feel free to join the official Flow Discord server and Flow forum, where you can hang out and ask questions to the Flow community, one of the best online communities that you will find!

Amplify Discord

Other Communities

Resources & Tools to help you Update your Smart Contracts to Cadence 1.0

Blogs, Guides and Tutorials

Intros to Flow, Cadence and the Ecosystem

Cadence + Best Practices





Community Supported



YouTube Channels


Contracts, Code and Repos

Bootcamp Repos

Example Repos


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