@niden niden released this Mar 29, 2014 · 9686 commits to master since this release

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Fixed problem with Phalcon_Session functions not registered
Fixed problem with partials, that removed any output previously generated
Added Phalcon_Session::destroy
Fixed memory leaks generated when throwing internal exceptions
Added support for PostgreSQL database
Phalcon_View is now fully integrated with Phalcon_Cache
Dropped unnecessary registration of arguments for exception classes
Dropped unnecessary zval copy-on-write checks
Fixed double registration of Phalcon_Config in MODULE_MINIT
Fixed method definition of destruct adding ZEND_ACC_DTOR
Fixed bug in Phalcon_Model_Query making that the component does not apply quoting properly
Fixed segmentation fault in Phalcon_Loader
Fixed memory leaks generated when retreiving some static properties
Replaced PHP's str_replace for a slightly faster once
Improved stability working with static properties in multi-threaded web servers
Fixed bug in integration between Phalcon_Db and Phalcon_Logger
Complex concatenations are now made without a lot of intermediate zvals improving the overall memory usage
Improved throwing of simple exceptions with a unique string parameter
Added Phalcon_Dispatcher::setParam to change a routing parameter
Added Phalcon_Request::redirect to make HTTP redirections from controllers
* is now completely decoupled from Phalcon_Controller_Front
Phalcon_Model_Base::createSQLSelectMulti and Phalcon_Model_Base::createSQLSelectOne has been joined into a single method
Added Phalcon_Db::bindParams in order to avoid SQL injections
Added "bind" parameter to Phalcon_Model_Base::find, Phalcon_Model_Base::findFirst, Phalcon_Model_Base::count, Phalcon_Model_Base::sum, etc. to avoid SQL injections
The database adapter Phalcon_Db_Adapter_Mysql was moved from mysql extension to mysqli
Added Phalcon_Db_Result_Mysql to encapsulate the resultset functionality. Those methods were before in Phalcon_Db.
Fixed bug rebuilding symbol table in Phalcon_View_Engine_Php::render
Added Phalcon_View::pick to choose a view to show different than last-controller/last-action
Now is possible to define routes with a shortened syntax in Regex
Phalcon is now using Compare-and-Swap to reduce the number of writes to cache adapters like files or APC, also avoiding the unnecesary register of shutdown functions
Fixed possible segmentation fault when releasing memory of zval strings that has constant values
Fixed bug avoiding that auto-globals will jit-initialized inside Phalcon on some old versions of PHP
Moved zval separation to phalcon_array_update
Moved zval separation to phalcon_array_append
Moved zval constructor to phalcon_array_update
Implemented functions to avoid use arrays of zvals parameters for static and method calls
Removed error reporting silence from the extension
Removed thousands of unnecessary referencing/deferencing vars when calling functions/methods
Moved multi-dimensional array updates to fewer complex functions
Moved access to static properties to a function that controls possible invalid access to non existent properties
Fixed memory leaks in Phalcon_Cache and Phalcon_Transaction_Manager
Added virtual foreign keys to Phalcon_Model (ORM)
Implemented the possibility to serialize Phalcon_Model_Resultset objects
Implemented the possibility to access Phalcon_Model_Resultset as an array of objects
Added Phalcon_Cache_Backend_Apc, Phalcon_Cache_Backend_Memcache, Phalcon_Cache_Frontend_None and Phalcon_Cache_Frontend_Data
Added Phalcon_Request::hasPost and Phalcon_Request::hasQuery
Added parameter "persistent" to Phalcon_Db allowing creating persistent connections
Added alphanum to Phalcon_Filter to filter strings allowing filtering only alpha-numeric characters
Refactored Phalcon_Tag::select and Phalcon_Tag::selectStatic, now uses the same code in Phalcon_Tag_Select
Added Phalcon_Tag::checkField helper to create input[type="checkbox"] tags
Added Phalcon_View::getParams to recover extra params sent to the request
Sometimes when Phalcon throws an internal exception or E_ERROR the memory stack is not properly cleaned producing an unstable state, this situation was fixed
Phalcon_View was refactored to allow other templating engines like Mustache or Twig
Added Phalcon_Translate for multi-lingual translation messages based on adapters
Added calculation functions to Phalcon_Model: count, sum, average, minimum and maximum
Dispatcher exceptions now throws a HTTP 404 Not found status
Added Phalcon_Router_Regex to define routes based on regular expressions
Renamed Phalcon_Request::getBestQualityCharset() to Phalcon_Request::getBestCharset()
Added Phalcon_Request::getBestLanguage()