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360|iDev Slides & Code 2015

A collection of links to slide decks and source code from talks at 360|iDev 2015


Official Flickr photoset:

Flickr group pool (add your own photos here!):



Sessions are listed alphabeticaly by session name

Android 101 for iOS Developers

Stephen Barnes @smbarnes


Apple Pay: What Happens When You Tap?

Stepan Hruda @stepanhruda

Beyond White: Embracing the iOS Design Aesthetic

Janie Clayton @redqueencoder

Bridging the Gap – Functional Programming in Objective C and Swift

Chris Woodard @sciprojguy

Bringing Swift into your Objective-C Projects

Rene Cacheaux @rcachatx

Building Habits: Keeping Users Engaged

Sally Shepard @mostgood

The Challenges of Building a Database API (in Swift)

Samuel Giddins @segiddins

Core Animation for the Masses

Nathan Corvino @corvino

Debugging Tips & Techniques

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner @kendalldevdiary

Decision Fatigue

Daniel Haight @daniel1of1

Designing for @1x - @3x (Without Going Crazy)

Curtis Herbert @parrots

Fancy Custom Transitions

Grant Davis @gravitybytes

Git it Together

Nick Harris @nick_harris

Good Intentions II: Enemy of the State

Jay Thrash @jaythrash

How to Break Into Enterprise Mobile B2B Without Selling Your Soul

Jenny Blumberg @jennyblumberg

How to Lose an iOS Developer in 10 Days

Josh Johnson @jnjosh

Innovation Games

Ben Sykes @bensykes

iOS Testing: Beyond the Model

Cate Huston @catehstn

Jedi Management from Far Far Away

Janene Pappas @AphroditeSW

Let's Get Moving - CoreMotion

Tom Ortega @lordbron

Localization Explained

Ellen Shapiro @designatednerd

Making a Living in and out of the App Store

Joe Cieplinski @jcieplinski

Magic Words - Harnessing the Power of TextKit

Gene Whitaker @gene_whitaker

The Power of Working Code and Designers Who Develop

Ellen Shapiro @designatednerd and Aaron Shekey @aaronshekey

Power Up Your Animations

Marin Todorov @icanzilb

Prototyping with Facebook Origami

Jon Friskics @jonfriskics

Provisioning Profile Stockholm Syndrome

Jay Graves @skabber

Safer Swift Code With Value Types

Benjamin Encz @benjaminencz

SceneKit, OpenGL, and Metal

J. Blocksom

The Small Fish in a Big Pond

Daniel Pfeiffer @mediabounds

Solving Auto Layout Problems

Jim Cox @jcox_mobile

Something Deep With Mike

Mike Lee @bmf

Succeeding Slowly: A Practical Guide to Going Indie

Charles Perry @dazeend

Super-Computing for iOS and Macs with Metal

Jeff Biggus @hyperjeff

Switching Your Brain to Swift

Greg Heo @gregheo

UISearchController with a UICollectionView

Jeremiah Gage @jeremiahgage

Universal Layout Workshop

Sam Davies @iwantmyrealname

WatchKit Notifications

Matthew Morey @xzolian

Welcome to the Team!

Adam Zolyak @azolyak

What Can We Learn From Disney's Nine Old Men?

Michael Ayers @turbotomato

What's New in Hybrid App Development

Jay Graves @skabber

WordPress for iOS Under the Hood

Aaron @astralbodies

Practical Functional Programming

Kyle Fuller, Twitter: @kylefuller, GitHub: @kylef