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phoss SMP 5.4.0

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@phax phax released this 19 Sep 12:58
· 593 commits to master since this release
  • Added support for migrating service groups from and to another SMP - see the new menu items in the "Service group" area (see issue #78)
  • An internal error on the "Business Cards" page was solved, if a Directory configuration was enabled using "https" but the certificate setup of the PD Client is broken
  • Added an additional check on the "Certificate Information" page if the configured key store contains more than 1 key entry
  • Added a new page that shows all the identifier mappings uses in the SMP (available in "Administration | Identifier Mappings")
  • The return code of the PUT and DELETE APIs changed from 404 to 412 if the writable REST API is disabled
  • Extended the REST API to create and delete ServiceGroups without SML interaction (see issue #163)
  • Added a new status item smp.sql.db.connection-possible when using the SQL backend
  • Added a new configuration property smp.status.sql.enabled to disable the new status item
  • Added a new configuration property smp.timezone to configure the global SMP time zone (see issue #167)