Experimental OpenAL bindings for Go.
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Experimental OpenAL bindings for Go.

Everything is evolving quickly and nothing is totally done.
If you want to see what the C-level API will look like I'd
recommend reading openal/al and not much else.

Even the C-level API *doesn't* follow the original API 100%
and it's much cleaner as a result. If you are an old-timer,
just relax and try to absorb it, you'll like it eventually.

The top-level openal package is totally out of date, I only
keep it around for reference while I refactor. Ignore it!

Random Notes

We can now play some sounds and theoretically we can also
record something, but that's not tested yet. The code is
a mess since I am still in the middle of learning OpenAL.

I am trying to follow the ideas from my SQLite binding: a
low-level core.go cgo API to wrap away the C-level stuff,
and a more Go-like API on top of that.

Actually, scratch that. I am now experimenting with a
different approach, but I won't kill the stuff I did so
far just yet: In the experiment, /pkg/openal will be the
Go-level API while /pkg/openal/al[c|ut] will be exposed
C-level APIs with minimal attempts at using Go the right
way. I hope that this will allow hardcore hackers to go
all the way to the bottom instead of being tied to what
I think a Go-level API should look like. :-D

I am finally done wrapping OpenAL's "al" API in a way
that I am pretty happy with: all the functionality I can
expose is now exposed. I decided that a 100% clone of
the C API is just not good enough, even at a low level.
But check it out for yourself. I think this rendition of
OpenAL leads to much nicer code than the original C API
while still staying close enough to be understandable
for people with prior OpenAL experience.

The plan now is to wrap the essential parts of "alc" and
"alut" and then write some sensible demo application on
top. I've wrapped all of "al" so people can see what the
other ones will look like when they are done. But it's
not really my priority to get them all the way done right
now. Of course you're always welcome to help. :-D

If you have any OpenAL experience, please help! Just email
and we can get going. I have no OpenAL experience myself,
so I need all the help I can get. :-D