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Simple reST/wiki system
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RstWiki - simple wiki/rst interface

RstWiki provides a simple standalone Wiki interface to a directory of .rst (reStructuredText) files. These .rst files are the sources to a Sphinx documentation instance. The interface is a simple rst-rendering application with basic authentication and VCS integration.


  • Cheetah >= 2.4
  • CherryPy >= 3.1.2
  • Docutils >= 0.5
  • Python >= 2.6
  • Pygments >= 1.4

Optional dependencies

  • GitDB == 0.5.2 (required for VCS integration)
  • GitPython >= 0.3.1 (required for VCS integration)
  • python-ldap >= 2.4 (required for LDAP authentication)
  • Sphinx >= 1.0
  • Dojo, CodeGlass


  1. Run easy_install cheetah cherrypy docutils pygments gitdb==0.5.2 gitpython to install dependencies
  2. Copy wiki.sample.conf to wiki.conf and configure appropriately
  3. Ensure the session storage directory exists (by default, this is /tmp/rstwiki_sessions)
  4. Run


There are two major configuration files. Options that should be modified for normal operation are listed below.


server.socket_port - Listen for requests on this port.
server.socket_host - Listen for requests on this IP address. Use to
                     bind to all interfaces.
tools.sessions.storage_type - Type of session storage to use. One of "ram",
                              "file", "postgresql".
tools.sessions.storage_path - The directory to store session data when using
                              "file" storage type.
tools.sessions.timeout - Session timeout, in seconds.


tools.staticdir.dir - The absolute path to the ``_static`` directory.

root - The absolute path to the directory in which wiki data will be stored.
enable_vcs - Whether or not to use a VCS when managing wiki entries. If this
             is True, GitDB and GitPython must be installed.
editable - Whether or not wiki contents should be editable.

type - Type of authentication to use. One of "ldap", "bypass".

type - The type of version control system to use. Currently, only "git" is
repo - The address of the repository used to store and retrieve wiki data.
push.enabled - Whether or not to push to upstream when a commit is made to
               the local repository.
base_url - The root URL for looking up api-doc directives.  *Note* that
  there is an issue where when building the docs, this option is ignored
  and you currently have to manually set it in ``src/``.


AFL/New BSD. See Dojo's LICENSE for details

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