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Medium Export

An example of how easy it can be to generate a site based on an RSS feed. In this instance focussed on Medium's RSS Feeds

Quick start

You can get your own version of this site by just clicking the button below, and then providing a suitable Medium RSS feed URL.

Deploy to Netlify

What will clicking that button do?

Fair question. After clicking the button, Netlify will ask for your permission to clone this repo into your own GitHub account, and then create a new site for you in Netlify linked to that repo. It will also ask for a feed to ingest at build time (see below if for some to pinch if you need to).

Then it will build and deploy a new site for you, complete with hosting and continuous deployment all configured.

The whole thing should take less than a minute!

Medium RSS Linkspiration:

Local development

This site is built with Eleventy and have very few prerequisites:

  • Node
  • Npm or Yarn

Install and bootstrap

# clone this repository (or do that via the button above)
git clone

# move into the working directory and install dependencies
cd medium-export

# generate and serve the site while watching for changes
yarn start

# build the site
yarn run build


A demo of generating an JAMstack site from an RSS feed




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