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Keanu is a simple javascript keychording library for capturing multiple, simultaneous keyboard events. Useful for catching system-like shortcuts like Control-Shift-c.


Setting a shortcut is useful for UI where the user wants to record a new shortcut to be listened for.

// First create a shortcut to be listened to
    max_keys: 4,
    // Every time pressed keys are changed, on_update will be triggered
    on_update: function (shortcut) {
        if (shortcut) {
            console.log("Shortcut updated to " + shortcut);
    // When the final shortcut is set, on_set will be triggered
    on_set: function (shortcut) {
        if (shortcut) {
            console.log("Shortcut set to " + shortcut);
    // Regardless of the shortcut being set or canceled, on_complete will be triggered last.
    on_complete: function () {
        console.log("All done here");

It's even simpler if you just want to listen for keanu-style shortcut events. Here's the code to set up a global listener.

keanu.listen(function (shortcut) {
    if (shortcut == "16_17_67") {
        console.log("It's happening!");