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Webpack ESNext Boilerplate

Webpack configuration and build scripts to deploy ES2015+ code to production (via <script type="module">) with legacy browser fallback support via <script nomodule>.

This boilerplate is an implementation of the techniques described in my article: Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today.


To view site locally, run the following command:

npm start

This will build all the source files, watch for changes, and serve them from http://localhost:8080. Make sure you open up the developer tools to view the console output.

To build the source files without watching for changes or starting a local server, run:

npm run build

development vs production environments

By default the build output is unminified. To generate minified, production-ready files, set NODE_ENV to production.

NODE_ENV=production npm run build


To validate that this technique works for more than just simple, single-bundle sites, this boilerplate implements several advanced webpack features:

To see how these feature manifest themselves in the generated files, view the public directory after running the build step.