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What is it?

This Dockerfile allows to build a Docker image for the BeEF framework for XSS browser exploitation (

It is based on the phocean/msf image, which means it also contains an up-to-date Metasploit framework for the integration in BeEF.


$ docker build -t phocean/beef .


$ docker run --rm -it --net=host -v /home/phocean/.msf4:/root/.msf4:Z -v /tmp/msf:/tmp/data:Z --name=beef phocean/beef"


Using --net=host may cause a security risk if the container gets compromised, because the intruder would have access to any host service listening on the loopback interface. So, do not use it in production and without knowing th risk. A safer option is to map only the ports you need, e.g. with "-p 3000:3000" instead.