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CSUF-SGT is a full-stack, content management system. The app provides users with the ability to add grades to their gradebook, average up the grade, update the student's grade, and delete specific grade from the gradebook. The app was themed after my alma mater, California State University, Fullerton.

Getting Started

Initial Setup

  1. Fork this repo and clone your fork from the terminal.
$ git clone
  1. Navigate into the cloned directory and install the necessary dependencies.
$ npm install
  1. Start a dev environment with access to Apache2:
    • Check that port is directed to 3000
    • Check that the root directory of the server is set to the public folder
  2. Initiate the dev server
$ npm run dev
  1. Go to localhost:3000 and enjoy 😃


Please feel free to fork this repo, make changes, submit pull requests, and send suggestions to to make this app better.

Built With


MIT License

MIT Licence

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