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Quick tour

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Laravel Queue. Quick tour.

The enqueue/laravel-queue is message queue bridge for Enqueue. You can use all transports built on top of queue-interop including all supported by Enqueue.

The package allows you to use queue interop transport the laravel way as well as integrates the enqueue simple client.

NOTE: The part of this code was originally proposed as a PR to laravel/framework#20148. It was closed without much explanations, so I decided to open source it as a stand alone package.


You have to install enqueue/laravel-queue packages and one of the supported transports.

$ composer require enqueue/laravel-queue enqueue/fs

Register service provider


// config/app.php

return [
    'providers' => [

Laravel queues

At this stage you are already able to use laravel queues.

Enqueue Simple client

If you want to use enqueue/simple-client in your Laravel application you have perform additional steps . You have to install the client library, in addition to what you've already installed:

$ composer require enqueue/simple-client

Create config/enqueue.php file and put a client configuration there: Here's an example of what it might look like:


// config/enqueue.php

return [
    'client' => [
        'transport' => [
            'default' => 'file://'.realpath(__DIR__.'/../storage/enqueue')
        'client' => [
              'router_topic'             => 'default',
              'router_queue'             => 'default',
              'default_queue'  => 'default',

Register processor:

use Enqueue\SimpleClient\SimpleClient;
use Interop\Queue\Message;
use Interop\Queue\Processor;

$app->resolving(SimpleClient::class, function (SimpleClient $client, $app) {
    $client->bindTopic('enqueue_test', function(Message $message) {
        // do stuff here

        return Processor::ACK;

    return $client;

Send message:

use Enqueue\SimpleClient\SimpleClient;

/** @var SimpleClient $client */
$client = \App::make(SimpleClient::class);

$client->sendEvent('enqueue_test', 'The message');

Consume messages:

$ php artisan enqueue:consume -vvv --setup-broker

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