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Message Queue, Broadcasting, WebSockets interop packages for PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Magento

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  1. Message Queue, Job Queue, Broadcasting, WebSockets packages for PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Magento. DEVELOPMENT REPOSITORY - provided by Forma-Pro

    PHP 1.8k 328

  2. [READ-ONLY] Message queue bundle for Symfony. RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS, Redis, Service bus, Async events, RPC over MQ and a lot more

    PHP 221 18

  3. Laravel Enqueue message queue extension. Supports AMQP, Amazon SQS, Kafka, Google PubSub, Redis, STOMP, Gearman, Beanstalk and others

    PHP 144 24

  4. [READ-ONLY] This an extension for Symfony's EventDispatcher. It allows to send events as MQ messages and process them async.

    PHP 60 5

  5. The bundle extends functionality of FOSElasticaBundle. Improves performance of fos:elastica:populate command

    PHP 39 24

  6. The extension adds messaging capabilities to Magento2 application.

    PHP 39 6


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