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Benchmark kit is a tool to add a framework or a template engine benchmark on



You will need this dependencies to make it work:


# you can install it where you want, ~/benchmarkKit used for the example
mkdir ~/benchmarkKit
cd ~/benchmarkKit
echo '{"require": {"phpbenchmarks/benchmark-kit": "^2.0"}}' > composer.json

# you can use your local composer installation, of the official Docker container
docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/app composer/composer update --no-dev
# in Docker container, composer update is called with root user, so change permissions to current user
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER vendor

Benchmark kit commands

When you are inside benchmark kit Docker container, you can use phpbench to list benchmark kit commands.

Almost all commands accept this options:

  • --skip-branch-name: don't validate git branch name, usefull while you are in development and repositories are not created yet.
  • --skip-source-code-urls: don't validate source code urls, usefull while you are in development.
  • --validate-prod: you should not need it, it's used when we test your code before benchmarking it.
phpbench benchmark:validate --skip-branch-name --skip-source-code-urls

#1 Ask us to create repositories

You can ask us to create repositories with contact form.

Tell us which component and version you want to benchmark, and your github username to allow you to commit on this repositories.

We will send you an email when repositories will be created.

#2 Start benchmark kit

To start benchmark kit Docker container, you have to call ./vendor/bin/

Do not start is as root, use your user.

It will ask you the directory where you code is located. You can pass this directory as parameter to this script.

./vendor/bin/ /foo/code

#3 Initialize code

To make your benchmark work you will need some files into .phpbenchmarks directory:

  • AbstractComponentConfiguration.php: configuration of benchmarked component.
  • called before the benchmark to initialize everything (composer install, cache warmup etc).
  • vhost.conf: nginx virtual host configuration.
  • responseBody/: benchmark url body will be compared to files in this directory to validate it's content.

All this files can be created and configured with phpbench commands:

composer:update                     Execute composer update for all enabled PHP versions and create composer.lock.phpX.Y

configure:all                       Call all configure commands
configure:component                 Create .phpbenchmarks/AbstractComponentConfiguration.php and configure it
configure:component:sourceCodeUrls  Create .phpbenchmarks/AbstractComponentConfiguration.php and configure getSourceCodeUrls()
configure:directory                 Create .phpbenchmarks and .phpbenchmarks/responseBody directories
configure:initBenchmark             Create .phpbenchmarks/
configure:responseBody              Create .phpbenchmarks/responseBody files
configure:vhost                     Create .phpbenchmarks/vhost.conf, create phpXY.benchmark.loc vhosts and reload nginx

You can call configure:all to create all of them, or use the one your need.

Note the phpbench composer:update command. We need a composer.lock per PHP version, because some dependencies are installed in different versions depending on the version of PHP. Use phpbench composer:update to switch between PHP version, and create composer.lock.phpX.Y.

phpbench composer:update
# you can specify a version of php
phpbench composer:update 7.1

#4 Add required features for benchmarks

Choose the component type and benchmark type you want to code:

  • Framework
  • Template engine
    • Hello world benchmark (coming soon)

Note that all component benchmarks needs to bo validated to make your component appear on

#5 Test and validate your code

Docker container provide a domain for each PHP version, from 5.6 to 7.3:

You can use them to test your code.

When you think it's ok, use phpbench benchmark:validate to validate it.

#6 Submit your code

When phpbench benchmark:validate say it's good, you can tell us to launch benchmarks with contact form.

Thank you!