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Pi Engine is started by Taiwen Jiang (Xoops Project Lead and Dev Lead), Marc Desrousseaux (Xoops QA Lead), Hossein Azizabadi (Xoops Persian Lead), Kris (Xoops Council Member and Xoops France Lead), etc. Pi Team is highly inspired by the Xoops led by onokazu (Ono Kazumi), skalpa and phppp (Taiwen Jiang, or D.J.) successively since 2001 and will continue to support and promote Xoops.

All Xoopsers and open source contributors are welcome.

To join the development team, please contact @taiwen at: infomax#gmail.com or checkout Pi Documentation Team for contributing to Pi documentation.

Team structure

Taiwen Jiang (D.J.)

Hossein Azizabadi

  • Module/Product/Test
  • XOOPS: project member; Xoops Persian Leader
  • XOOPS account: voltan
  • Twiiter

Marc Desrousseaux

  • QA/Feature
  • XOOPS: QA Leader, project member; Xoops France manager
  • XOOPS account: marco


  • Project
  • XOOPS: Council member, project member; Xoops France Leader
  • XOOPS account: kris_fr

Lin Zongshu

  • Doc/Module/Release/Training

Frédéric TISSOT




Keep up to date on announcements and more by following twitter: @PiEnable.


Read more detailed announcements, discussions, and more on Xoops/Pi Engine Dev Blog.

Bug/feature Tracker

To report a bug or request a feature, please create an issue here on GitHub Pi Issue Tracker.

Development Practice

Beyond production and application, the Engine also strives to be strictly standard compliant, check out Pi Coding Standars.

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