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Pi Engine

Pi is a multi-tenant application development engine for cloud ready SaaS platform. Pi Engine is developed in PHP and MySQL upon PHP frameworks including Laminas Project and many other PHP project supported by psr-4 standard composer like Hybridauth, Phpseclib, GeoPhp, TcPdf, Imagine, MongoDB, ArangoDB , Stripe, TwoFactorAuth and more, Pi use some famous UI frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CKEditor as well as icons by FontAwesome.

Pi Engine is an open source project and follows the philosophy of open standard, open design, open development and open management. Pi is born as a complete open source project and intended to build a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all contributors and users.

Pi Engine is developed by Pi Team initially as a successor to Xoops Project since 2001.

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  1. Sustainable ecosystem: A sustainable ecosystem built upon open standard, open source code, open development and open management on Github.
  2. Engineered development: Quality ensured engineering development with short learning curve, low skill requirements with clean MVC architecture, semantic templating, sophisticated API and strict starndards.
  3. Visualized management: Easy and responsive application and content management based on visualized management tools and interface with page and widget mechanism.
  4. Agile workflow: Role oriented architecture and deployment skeleton supports manageable agile development workflow.

Features and practices

  • Multi-tenancy architecture and SSO/OAuth implementation
  • Modularization and built-in support for multi-layer customization
  • System components and services for fundamental functions
  • Theming for presentation and appearance
  • Design-friendly template engine
  • DevOps oriented deployment skeleton
  • Centralized security enhancement

Quick start


You may contribute to Pi Engine by working on Pi code and submit to Pi repo with Pull Request or submitting bug reports and feature requests to Issue Tracker.

Copyright and License

The Engine is released under a BSD 3-Clause License.


To many webSites and webApps development by PiEngine, you can see some of them on our Portfolio