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Creating a JavaScript Project

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NOTE: Do you have already a JavaScript Project?

Then see: Using it with an existing project.

To create a new project go to Project > Create JavaScript Project.

It will prompt to you a list of possible type of projects. Choose one and then it will ask you about the project path. In this example we will create an empty project.

After that, depending on the project type, it could appear a new view with a terminal opened in it, so in that case please wait the process to complete. At the end of this process, Sublime Text will open a new window with the project created.

In our example, this is the resultant window.

Creating a Cordova, Ionic, etc. project

In order to create a Cordova, Ionic, etc. project, you must have installed its CLI in your system. To define custom path of your CLIs see Global settings. In this example we are going to see how create a type of a JavaScript project. So go to Project > Create JavaScript Project and then select cordova. After all the steps previously seen, it will appear a new Sublime Text view with a terminal opened. At the end of the creation process, the resultant view will be something like this:

Some other type of JavaScript projects could take more time to complete the creation process. For a complete example see Example Ionic v2 project.

Note for Windows: When you will create these kind of projects, you will see the Windows Command Line showing up. Don't close it until it finishes the creation process for your project.

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