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Free PID Controller gains tuning tool
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This repo is used to host the PidTuner static website and is also used to report issues.

When reporting an issue, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Attach the dataset needed to replicate the issue.

  • Attach screenshots, or even better short video screen captures using screentogif, showing the issue.

  • Write down a list of steps to replicate the issue.

Please be patient and nice, remember that we do this on our free time, we also have demanding jobs, yet we want to keep this tool free. If you want us to give a higher priority to your issue, please consider becoming a sponsor.


You can support PidTuner in many ways:

  • Continuous support through Patreon.

  • One time support by buying an item from The Shop.

  • By sharing the url on social media.

Thank you

Below is the complete list of sponsors. Thank you all for making all this possible:

  • Jonas Nicolaysen
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