PIE is an experiment. We've been everything from a coworking space to a community hub to an early stage startup accelerator. Now, we're open sourcing everything we've learned from nearly a decade of helping startups.
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Welcome to the PIE Cookbook

Howdy. We're PIE, an ongoing experiment that began as a collaboration between the Portland, Oregon, US, startup community and Wieden+Kennedy, the largest privately held creative agency in the world and creators of such iconic work as Nike's "Just Do It," the Coca-Cola polar bears, and the Old Spice Guy. Throughout its history, PIE has served as an early stage startup accelerator, a coworking space, a hub for community, a home away from home for visiting entrepreneurs and technologists, and a consultancy for incubator and accelerator programs from around the world. Now, we're sharing all that we've learned during nearly a decade of working with startups. We're calling it, the PIE Cookbook.

Current focus (Updated December 7, 2017)


We are currently focused on:

  1. Beta testing the working draft and identifying gaps in content
  2. Continuing to revise content in preparation for the PIE Cookbook 1.0 release.

Creating the PIE Cookbook

We’d love to have you join us in building the PIE Cookbook, an open source guide designed to help anyone, anywhere build the startup accelerator of their dreams. Why are we doing this? Because we believe that each and every community — with the right tools — has the potential to assist and accelerate its most promising folks further and faster toward success.

And that’s good for everyone.

By joining this project, you’ll gain access to everything we’ve learned from nearly a decade of accelerating startups, building relationships that strengthen community, and facilitating creative output. What’s more — since this is an open source project — you’ll have the opportunity take part in creating the most effective documentation for building, managing, and running a successful startup accelerator for your community — whatever that community may be.

Getting started

New to Github? @MugofPaul has created a guide to help you get your bearings and learn how to contribute to the project.

Advice for authors

PIE alum and mentor @WardCunningham has provided some advice for contributing authors.


We are looking forward to building this content with you. That's why we're doing this development on Github. (The actual book will reside somewhere that's more approachable.)

There are three primary ways to provide feedback:

  1. Join the PIE Cookbook Slack.
  2. Use the PIE Cookbook Issues on Github to comment on the content under development and track the ongoing development.
  3. Fork the repository, make edits, and submit pull requests.


The PIE Cookbook repository is divided into the following directories:

  • /docs — Home of the master PIE Cookbook document, which feeds Read the Docs
  • /drafts — Written content that has not yet been added to the master PIE Cookbook document
  • /notes — Notes about the project, topics to be written, feedback from participants, distillation of source materials, and parking lot items. Also, home of the outline governing the topics for this project.
  • /source — Relevant URLs, documents, and source materials that inform the content of the PIE Cookbook


This project began as a Kickstarter campaign to help us attract a community of contributors who are interested in participating in this project. That campaign successfully completed on April 1, 2016. It is archived under /notes/pie/kickstarter for historical reference.

About PIE

For more details on who we are, visit PIE, follow PIE on Github, Twitter, or Facebook, or read some of our thoughts on Medium.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)