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Releases: pierky/ripeatlastracepath


11 Jan 12:24
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  • new feature: graphs can now be saved on and loaded from the server (if SERVERSIDE_SAVE_ENABLE=True is setted on the file)
  • improvement: better traceroute details popup handling
  • fix: exporting a graph in PNG format was not working when UTF-8 characters were present within the ASN or IP data


23 Dec 18:09
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  • new feature: click on a probe to show path details
  • improvement: probes that don't reach the destination host but do reach the destination AS are marked with a different borders' color
  • improvement: add hop hostname in textual representation
  • improvement: automatically load a measurement when its ID is given on the msmid argument of the query string (?msmid=xxx)
  • improvement: use RIPE Atlas API version 2
  • fix: while loading a previously saved graph, isolated probes were grouped and their original position was lost


28 Jul 17:32
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  • new feature: also IXPs which are traversed by probes are shown (data from PeeringDB)
  • new feature: by clicking on a probe you can highlight the path of that probe toward the target

Warning: graphs saved with previous versions can't be loaded in this one.


11 Sep 20:12
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Fix: RTT calculation


03 Sep 17:21
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First release based on D3.js and WSGI