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🏹 Draw arrows between DOM elements in React πŸ–‹


npm install react-archer --save or yarn add react-archer


Try it out!


import { ArcherContainer, ArcherElement } from 'react-archer';

const rootStyle = { display: 'flex', justifyContent: 'center' };
const rowStyle = { margin: '200px 0', display: 'flex', justifyContent: 'space-between' };
const boxStyle = { padding: '10px', border: '1px solid black' };

const App = () => {
  return (
    <div style={{ height: '500px', margin: '50px' }}>
      <ArcherContainer strokeColor="red">
        <div style={rootStyle}>
                targetId: 'element2',
                targetAnchor: 'top',
                sourceAnchor: 'bottom',
                style: { strokeDasharray: '5,5' },
            <div style={boxStyle}>Root</div>

        <div style={rowStyle}>
                targetId: 'element3',
                targetAnchor: 'left',
                sourceAnchor: 'right',
                style: { strokeColor: 'blue', strokeWidth: 1 },
                label: <div style={{ marginTop: '-20px' }}>Arrow 2</div>,
            <div style={boxStyle}>Element 2</div>

          <ArcherElement id="element3">
            <div style={boxStyle}>Element 3</div>

                targetId: 'root',
                targetAnchor: 'right',
                sourceAnchor: 'left',
                label: 'Arrow 3',
            <div style={boxStyle}>Element 4</div>

export default App;




Name Type Description
strokeColor string A color string '#ff0000'
strokeWidth number A size in px
strokeDasharray string Adds dashes to the stroke. It has to be a string representing an array of sizes. See some SVG strokes documentation.
noCurves boolean Set this to true if you want angles instead of curves
lineStyle Β string Can be one of angle, curve or straight. Setting this overrides noCurves.
offset number Optional number for space between element and start/end of stroke
svgContainerStyle Style Style of the SVG container element. Useful if you want to add a z-index to your SVG container to draw the arrows under your elements, for example.
children React.Node
endShape Object An object containing the props to configure the "end shape" of the arrow. Can be one of arrow (default) or circle. See ShapeType for a complete list of available options.
startMarker boolean Optional flag (default false) to also add a marker at the start of the arrow.
endMarker boolean Optional flag (default true) to remove the marker at the end of the arrow.

Instance methods

If you access to the ref of your ArcherContainer, you will access the refreshScreen method. This will allow you to have more control on when you want to re-draw the arrows.


Name Type Description
id string The id that will identify the Archer Element.
children React.Node | (ArcherContext) => React.Node ⚠️ Must be a single element or a function of the internal context. If you are passing a custom component, it should be wrapped in a div or you should forward the reference (see this)
relations Relation[]

The Relation type has the following shape:

  targetId: string,
  targetAnchor: 'top' | 'bottom' | 'left' | 'right' | 'middle',
  sourceAnchor: 'top' | 'bottom' | 'left' | 'right' | 'middle',
  label: React.Node,
  order?: number, // higher order means arrow will be drawn on top of the others
  style: ArcherStyle,

Please note that the middle anchor does not look very good: the curve won't look nice and the arrow marker will have a little offset. The issue won't be solved before a long time.

The ArcherStyle type has the following shape:

  strokeColor: string,
  strokeWidth: number,
  strokeDasharray: number,
  noCurves: boolean,
  lineStyle: string,
  endShape: Object,
  startMarker: boolean,
  endMarker: boolean,


My arrows don't re-render correctly...

Try using the refreshScreen instance method on your ArcherContainer element. You can access it through the ref of the component.

Call refreshScreen when the event that you need is triggered (onScroll etc.).