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My dot-files (coz’ there’s no place like


These are my dotfiles. They’re more a way to learn to use tools like rake, VIM, ZSH, etc. than a real and useful project. I took many ideas for them (and copied a lot of code) from:

What it does?

Those files are made just to configure my development system in a way which I’m confortable with. It also includes some interesting and useful tools that doesn’t come by default with Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

What’s included?

  • oh-my-zsh installtion
  • some oh-my-zsh customizations
  • dotfiles for Rubygems, RDoc, IRB, Capistrano, Ruby on Rails IRB and GIT
  • dotfiles for vim using Vundle to install its plugins
  • Some alias I like
alias vim="mvim" # since 99.9% of time I use vim from the GUI
alias migrate="rake db:migrate db:test:clone"

How to install?

First take a look at the included rake tasks with rake -T command.

To install all the vim plugins and snippets you need to open vim and run


This will install the following plugins

Can I use them?

Yes of course… but do it at your own risk. Ask me if you need some help or just fix what you think is wrong, but I cant guarantee that it will work.

These files are MIT licensed so you can just change them as you want. However if you do some interesting thing with them I’d be pleased if you let me know… Just some little curiosity, you know ;)

Should I use them?

No, you probably shouldn’t. There are good and well maintained VIM bundles and dot-files out there which you may use and are for sure better build than those. Take a look at Janus


  1. Find a better way to install and its customizations