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ExploitCTF2017 CuredPin

Exploit for VM : Crowdsourcing Evil 2015.

Using the ucsb icttf 2015 VM.

iCTF 2015 VM Download

Service avaiable in this repo

Service name Port Description Flag description
pirate_map 20038 Pirate map -- find correct map and get pirate treasure! Flags are indentified by treasure name.
hanoiFones 20040 OnlineAuction platform Flags are identified by the auction IDs.
nadmozg 20067 google translate killer private dictionary name
FHM-Maintenance 20111 Password-protected web storage for secrets in C. Flags are identified by the username.
ropeman 20129 An interesting ropeman/hangman game binary program. Password-protected note storage service in C. Flags are identified by the note name.The flags are the status field in a txt file for a registered user
hacker_diary 20130 Keeps a private log of how your exploits work, with timestamps and hashes you can share, so you can prove you exploited something without sharing how A flag_id is an entry id which corresponds to a detailed, prehashed description of an exploit. http: //: /entries/<flag_id> should yield an entry with the flag