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2D/3D software library with a focus on basic geometric manipulations
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General Information

LibVsg is a 2D/3D software library with a focus on basic geometric
manipulations. It's released under the GNU LGPL. Written for C, it
provides support for single and double precision arithmetics.

Provided features include several datatypes and the corresponding API:

  - 2D/3D points/vectors.
  - Quaternions (3D rotations presented in a 4D unit vector).
  - 2D/3D affine transforms (3x3 and 4x4 martices, repsectively).
  - Geometric containers, such as spatial filters: currently only
    Point/Region binray trees (both 2D and 3D).

Although the main API is a C interface, a Python wrapper comes with the
library source distribution.


See the file 'INSTALL'


See the doc/reference of the distribution.
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