Hawkular explorer written in (J)Ruby with a JavaFX frontend.
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Explorer for Hawkular

Hawkular is a set of components for Monitoring. This explorer connects to a Hawkular server and allows to browse trough inventory and view entities, graph metrics.

Figure 1. Main screen with availability pop-up

Other functions include listing of all metrics on a system, listing of Events/Alerts, injection of Events, injection of metric values and a few more things.

event list
Figure 2. Events list


The explorer requires JRuby in version 9+ and Java8

If you are using rvm you can select it via

rvm use jruby-

install and use bundler to install the required gems

gem install bundler

bundle install

then run

jruby -G -S hawkfx.rb # faster than bundle exec jruby hawkfx.rb

Using SSL

There is a blog post on the Hawkular blog that describes how to use SSL in Hawkular and HawkFX.