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Picade Arduino sketch
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Picade Sketch

This is the 2.x firmware for the Picade;

  • Fully user configurable keybindings over Serial
  • Two soft Alt states for bonus keys
  • Keyboard emulation
  • Gamepad emulation with 3 axis and 16 buttons
  • Serial volume control

You can find the 1.x firmware which ships on all Picade PCBs here:

Custom Keybinding

You can use either PuTTY, Arduino Serial Monitor or the supplied Python library to set and save custom key configurations to your Picade PCB. These are stored in EEPROM and preserved during power up.

See the release forum thread for more information:

And this thread for usage instructions:

Picade Megadrive Sketch

This is a custom Picade firmware designed to run two classic SEGA Megadrive controllers ad translate button presses into keyboard input.

Using These Files

You must download the complete repository in order to work with this Sketch, the Picade folder contains a number of dependencies which are required for it to compile. If you don't know how to use Git, you can click "Download Zip" above and to the right.

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