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Pimoroni Ltd

We are a company of Makers and educators based in Sheffield, UK.


  1. Python library for Explorer HAT

    Python 151 60

  2. blinkt Public

    Python Library for Blinkt; 8 APA102 LEDs for your Raspberry Pi

    C 288 100

  3. mote Public

    Mote - drivers for the plug and play USB APA102 controller

    Python 25 14

  4. Python library and examples for the Pimoroni Automation HAT, pHAT and HAT Mini

    Python 114 39

  5. pantilt-hat Public

    Python library for the Pimoroni PanTilt servo and lighting HAT

    Python 91 37

  6. Python library for Scroll pHAT HD

    Python 146 64