Libraries and examples for the Display-o-Tron 3000 and Display-o-Tron HAT
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Display-o-Tron 3000

Library and examples for the Display-o-Tron 3000 and Display-o-Tron HAT Raspberry Pi add-on boards from Pimoroni

Using python?

We've created a super-easy installation script that will install all pre-requisites and get your Display-o-Tron up and running in a jiffy. To run it fire up Terminal which you'll find in Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal on your Raspberry Pi desktop like so:

Finding the terminal

In the new terminal window type:

curl -sS | bash

If you choose to download examples you'll find them in /home/pi/Pimoroni/displayotron, but you can also check out the Basic and Advanced examples for both DotHAT and Dot3k in: examples

We've also created a full function reference.

Make sure you run the right examples for your product, if you've got a Display-o-Tron 3000 you should be using the examples in /home/pi/Pimoroni/displayotron/dot3k and if you have a Display-o-Tron HAT you should be using the ones in /home/pi/Pimoroni/displayotron/dothat

Documentation & Support

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