Vue.js localStorage plugin with types support
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LocalStorage plugin inspired by Vue typed props which take a care of typecasting for Vue.js 1 and 2 with SSR support.


npm install vue-localstorage --save


bower install vue-localstorage


import VueLocalStorage from 'vue-localstorage'

// Or you can specify any other name and use it via this.$ls, this.$whatEverYouWant
Vue.use(VueLocalStorage, {
  name: 'ls',
  bind: true //created computed members from your variable declarations

// Use localStorage from Vue object
Vue.localStorage.set('someNumber', 123)

// Fallback value if nothing found in localStorage
Vue.localStorage.get('propertyThatNotExists', 'fallbackValue') // Will return 'fallbackValue' string

// Default type if value isn't registered in localStorage section
Vue.localStorage.get('property', null, Number)

//register localStorage variables and adds computed variables to local components
//to be used like regular computeds that are stored in the localstorage
var vm = new Vue({
  localStorage: {
    someObject: {
      type: Object,
      default: {
        hello: 'world'
    someNumber: {
      type: Number,
    someBoolean: {
      type: Boolean
    stringOne: '',
    stringTwo: {
      type: String,
      default: 'helloworld!'
    stringThree: {
      default: 'hello'
  methods: {
    someMethod () {
      let lsValue = this.$localStorage.get('someObject')
      this.$localStorage.set('someBoolean', true)