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Java OpenGL Movie

This is a simple application that tests OpenGL movie playback with Java.

You can check it working in this YouTube video;

Important: I no longer maintain this code, so use at your own will.


Bellow are all the dependencies to make this work.

JOGL libraries:


Installing the plugin

You can do it under Eclipse. Just needs to have all the dependencies worked out.

  • Create a new run configuration;
  • Set the main class as: JMFRegistry;
  • Start and go to the Plugins tab then Renderer;
  • Add the org.pirelenito.multimedia.jmf.plugin.RGBGLTextureRenderer;
  • Move it to the top of the list;
  • Push Commit and you are good to go!


You might use this code as you wish, and I would appreciate if you quote me as a reference.


Developed by Paulo Ragonha in 2008.

For more details in the implementation, check the related blog post.