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Julia Lite: A Free WordPress Food Blogging Theme

Julia Lite is a food blogging theme made for creators who want to showcase their recipes and culinary stories easily. With a strong focus on shaping a pleasant experience for your readers, this WordPress gem makes room for you to fulfill your passion in a smart and appealing way. It's time to embrace a more bold approach for your gourmet content in order to keep momentum with your audience.

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The essence of open source is that by freely sharing the code, you have the freedom to use it for any purpose, study how it works and adapt it to your needs, improve the program and share your improvements with the community so that we all benefit. 🙏

It's great if you're willing to use your skills, knowledge, and experience to help further refine this project with your own improvements. We really appreciate it and you're 💯 welcome to submit an issue or pull request on any topic.

How can you help?

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Discovered an issue? Please report it here and help us fix it.
  • 🛠 Fixed a bug? That’s fantastic! Send a pull request and we will look over it.
  • 🔮 Need a feature? Please take a moment to find out whether your idea fit the wider scope of this theme and provide as much detail and context as possible. Then propose it here.
  • 💎 Have you made something great? Share it with us.


A manually curated list that include all the valuable people that have contributed to this project with code, user testing, feedback, or mockups. Thank you!


Julia Lite source code is released under the GNU GPL v2 license or later.

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