Manage cities as a connected citizen (email & postalCode), produce openCityData, manage organizations, projects, events openly , an open societal approach
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COMMUNECTED : get connected to your city

COMMUNECTED is part of the citizen's toolbox developped by the open-source network : HUMAN PIXEL. With simply an email and his postal code, a citizen get connected to his city and all its actors. Through a dynamic interface each citizen can :

  • get linked to any fellow citizen sharing his interests,
  • interact with locals organisations (associations or entreprises)
  • and communicate directly with his town hall. Easily connected with their proximity network, citizens build local value from the usefulness of their interaction. More aware of neighbourhood intiatives and stake, citizens can get more involved in district council decisions and local actions.


we need asap the a json-ld smaple descriptions of :

current Status

released : xx url : implementing : Version0.1

Roadmap & Milestones

** 0.13 BREATH DEAPLY >> not started >> 31/04/2016

  • sous evnnement
  • ouverture international
  • multi scope

** 0.12 BREATH STRONG > 13/04/2016

  • amélioration du systeme validation
  • refactor et ajout des images sur les news
  • réintégration du module de vite et de discussion
  • module network , communecter en marque blanche
  • refactor de la structure des cities et des codepostaux
  • intégration de divers de data , makery, bretagne Telecom, commun59, service public
  • système et admin de modération
  • refonte et design de mail
  • gamification avec les actions

** 0.1 stabalising all current features for an alpha , private release

  • Entry point
    • The platform's content information is fully open
    • loging in give access to
      • notifications
      • creating an Organization
      • participating
      • and much more
  • Dashboard
    • Organization of type Association (NGOs)
      • List of associations
      • add an association
    • Organization of type Company
      • List of companies
      • Add a company
    • Périscolaire
    • Information
  • Person
    • can register
    • can login
    • searched by tag
  • Organizations
    • can be created by a registered person
      • can contain people
      • can contain organisations
    • be joined by a person
    • searched by tag
    • can be public or private
  • Events
    • can be created by a person or an Organization
    • can be viewed in a calendar
    • searchable by location, by tags
    • show event lsit by scope
    • visualisations
      • list
      • calendar
  • City
    • exists when simply one person is in a postalCode
    • contains People, Organizations
    • has Events
  • OpenData
    • re write all person, Organization entities into conform JSON-LD
    • Generic API for all elements
    • translation system into any given ontology ( Schema, ActivityStream, Portable Linked Profile )
  • local search Organization
  • Search Engine
    • search by scope : city scope or region scope
  • Tagging Module
    • add tags on person & Organization
    • search by tags

Think Tank & wishlist

Proxicity : a value calculating the capacity of a territory in creating links based on a social plateforms activity


We use BrowserStack to test our platfom on different OS and browser. Amazing tool. We are patner and the support our open source project. Thank you to them.

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