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 , the new new new version!

Built with Jekyll and hosted on Netlify. (Note: this site is not compatible with GitHub Pages.)

Content Structure

_posts/ Public list of posts, with assets inside of each folder.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be easily edited and managed online via or any other Jekyll-based content management system.

Put published posts in _posts and unpublished posts in _drafts.

The first part of the file starts & ends with three dashes. This is your yaml configuration.

Then comes the markdown. Cheatsheet here:

# Basic Metadata
layout: post
title: Splatoon 2 Streaming
url: splatoon
tags: work
accent: purple

# Tile Grid
  order: 5
  width: 5
  height: 5
  image: tile.png
  class: "squiddo"

# Featured Image Grid
  width: 17
  height: 11
  image: feature.png

# Meta Preview
image: meta-preview.png

# Various levels of hidden
draft: true
hidden: true

You can start typing content here. <b>HTML is supported</b> and so is **markdown syntax.**
Try to use bold text and refrain from using _italics_ whenever possible.

Below are your headers, use them sparingly.

## Header 2

### Header 3

Images are pretty easy.

![Image description for screen readers go here: Fluffle Puff!](/media/guests/flufflepuff-avatar.png)

So are links: [Click here for Google!](

> I am a quote
> - Maud Pie

You can make tables too, if you're inclined.

| Column Header 1 | Column Header 2 |
| -- | -- |
| Hi! | You get the point |
| Yo! | What's up? |

Lists are easy, just number or bullet them appropriately, like this:

- Item 1
- Item 2

1. Item 1
2. Item 2

You can embed anything by copying and pasting an embed code:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src=""
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Development Structure

_includes/ Contents of < head >, navigation, and footer., and additional components
_layouts/ Page layout templates.
_sass/ Partial stylesheets. Modify _site.scss for site styles.
img/ Static assets necessary to display the site.
404.html/ 404 page. Easter egg, maybe?
CNAME Sets up a CNAME record for the domain the site is on.
_config.yml Site settings and commonly used phrases.
_prose.yml Configuration for
feed.xml RSS feed for blog posts.
robots.txt Bot access settings, please change before deploying to production.

Running the site locally

Make sure you have ruby installed, then...

# install gems (first time only)
bundle install

# run server on localhost:4000. SCSS and page content compiled automatically on save.
bundle exec jekyll serve --port 4000 --watch --incremental

\ γ‚œoγ‚œ)γƒŽ


🦐 Here lies the code to my (olde) website!




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