plaYUVer is an open-source raw video player
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PlaYUVer - Enhanced Raw Video Player

plaYUVer is an open-source video player with the following features:

  • Support for libavformat and libavcodec;
  • Support for wide range of raw video formats;
  • Support up to 16 bits per pixel
  • Support for OpenCV image/video processing library
  • Advanced frame zoom with easy to use pan function
  • Synchronized zoom across several videos (perfect for comparison operations)
  • Useful information in status bar, e.g., pixel information Useful sidebars with frame information, e.g., frame histogram
  • Constant growing libs for stream and frame processing (PlaYUVerStream and PlaYUVerFrame)
  • Advanced API for frame/video processing algorithms
  • Frame level quality measurement API based on the PlaYUVerFrame class
  • Powefull command-line tool for quality and frame processing algorithms (uses the referred APIs)


  • PlaYUVerLib: Low level library
  • PlaYUVerModules: Abstract interface for frame processing modules
  • PlaYUVerApp: High level graphical interface
  • PlaYUVerTools: High level command line interface

Supported Quality Metrics

  • PSNR
  • SSIM
  • MSE

Frame Processing Modules

  • Component filtering
  • Frame difference, crop, shift, binarization
  • Sub-sampling operations
  • Measuring modules
  • Modules based on opencv:
    • Disparity estimation
    • Motion estimation

Supported Formats

  • Supports for the following pixel formats:
    • YUV: 420, 44, 422, 400
    • RGB
    • Gray
  • Support containers:
    • Raw video (yuv,rgb,gray)
    • Portable Network Graphics (png)
    • Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpeg)
    • Windows Bitmap (bmp)
    • Tagged Image File Format (tiff)
    • Portable Map (ppm,pgm,pbm)



Download update build for windows and linux from our SourceForge project page

Building yourself

  1. Dependencies
  • an ordinary C++ development environment (g++, make, C++ libraries and headers, ...)
  • cmake
  • a Qt development environment (libraries, headers, qmake, ...): only QtCore, QtGui and QtWidgets are required, at least in version 4
  • QtDBus (optional)
  • OpenCv (optional)
  • FFmpeg (optional)
  1. Example configuration command
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DUSE_QT4=OFF -DUSE_FFMPEG=ON -DUSE_OPENCV=ON ..  (for FFmpeg and OpenCV support)
make install