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Debug window #69

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danielbsig and others added some commits May 30, 2012

@danielbsig danielbsig Modified jQueryFileTree.css to no avail, and modified DEBUG variable …
…in settings.py, main page would not load otherwise.
@ingolfured ingolfured Bara testa hvort haegt se ad pusha a master 06d9f8a
@ingolfured ingolfured Branchtest 59b40c9
Arnthor Agustsson commit fra mer 9830850
@mattiazer mattiazer Added text to text.txt ddf5633
@ingolfured ingolfured Delete manage.py~ 537bbe0
@Thorarinnmhm Thorarinnmhm Profa 7b4e99b
@Thorarinnmhm Thorarinnmhm Ok djok 3fb8cef
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'testbranch' 2ad0d66
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'master' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE 4077987
@konnigud konnigud added compile button e5e0608
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'compiler-cpp-file' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE c789253
@mattiazer mattiazer Added javascript and css files for memu manubar eecaca2
@mattiazer mattiazer breytingar í head bætti við skrám memu javasc og css d7a0500
@mattiazer mattiazer Lagfæringar í home.html f20a641
@mattiazer mattiazer menubar kominn inn þarf að laga dropdown e7ddb25
@ingolfured ingolfured deleted manage.py~ d375c84
@mattiazer mattiazer Lagaði Menubar þannig að núna sést það, Lagaði einnig sprites í menub…
…ar þannig að myndir sjást
@mattiazer mattiazer Settings takki farinn, hans möguleikar komnir inn í menubar, Run takk…
…i settur inn í menubarnum
Arnthor Agustsson autosave almost done 36f78c6
@konnigud konnigud compile is now run c34221b
@mattiazer mattiazer Merge Conflict með home.html , Notaði Run takkan okkar á clientSide 5dc4527
@kalli06 kalli06 css and javascript included a74d438
@mattiazer mattiazer Gleymdi að add myndum inn cef9c0b
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix The annoying pop-up window has been deleted 9feb342
@konnigud konnigud run() b2a9a88
@kalli06 kalli06 Setti test í home.html 481b4a3
Arnthor Agustsson autosave 91d5104
@mattiazer mattiazer Bæta við skrám sem vantar a30c10a
@mattiazer mattiazer Bæta við skrám sem vantar d85522a
@mattiazer mattiazer Bæta við skrám sem vantar f829e0c
@ingolfured ingolfured Fixed the location of Compile() function f5dee00
@mattiazer mattiazer Added run img dd7de48
Arnthor Agustsson fixed autosave 4e17850
@mattiazer mattiazer Nuna virkar guidetour
Næst þarf að fara búa til túr
@mattiazer mattiazer Ignore ds_store b861054
@mattiazer mattiazer ingore aftur 8c1c8a7
@mattiazer mattiazer ignore f92a6c7
@ingolfured ingolfured compile function added, no error handler efa0e2a
@ingolfured ingolfured subprocess test ab503d4
@ingolfured ingolfured Compile version 1 811f879
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'compiler-cpp-file' ed7bced
@mattiazer mattiazer Svo hægt sé að haka guide tour on and off ekki klárt c6df8da
@mattiazer mattiazer fór ekki allt e59a5b9
@ingolfured ingolfured compile and run buttons 9da0fd1
@mattiazer mattiazer Preference show guide tour bc55b36
@mattiazer mattiazer vesen f40ac99
Snoogms User folders are now checked and created. 169d342
@ingolfured ingolfured run compile with doCompile (save) 92b6b52

Snoogms commented on 169d342 Jun 13, 2012

Checks on login if user has a home folder and if not, creates it.

Snoogms and others added some commits Jun 13, 2012

Snoogms Fixed merging conflict 4567de8
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'master' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE ca4224e
@ingolfured ingolfured fixed the home in settings e237be5
Arnthor Agustsson Merge branch 'autosave' 765d741
@ingolfured ingolfured Envir Home added to settings 8498d7e
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'master' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE 0dff6d8
Snoogms Removed unnecessary line from Neutron-IDE/settings.py 46c107d
Snoogms Merge branch 'master' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Changed the neutron/static/ide/js/default.js file to take out the ann…
…oying messasge when you want to refresh the site
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Merge branch 'alertDelete' 0206d00
Arnthor Agustsson annad autosave komid ef03581
Arnthor Agustsson aftur autosave af3bed3
@mattiazer mattiazer Help Added 78668e6
@mattiazer mattiazer helpadded 465a2ee
@mattiazer mattiazer Merge branch 'topbars' of https://github.com/danielbsig/Neutron-IDE i…
…nto topbars
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Changed the neutron/static/ide/js/default.js and neutron/admin/js/act…
…ion.js file to take out the annoying messasge when you want to refresh the site and save
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Merge branch 'alertDelete' 2788278
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Annoying message that pops up when you want to refresh de373d8
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Merge branch 'alertDelete' a321cdf
@ingolfured ingolfured compile and error output fixed e23744d
@ingolfured ingolfured Merge branch 'master' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE 14f76fd
Arnthor Agustsson adding lower half in menu bar 71e3785
Arnthor Agustsson forcing push f93d491
Toti Diftest 61009b1
@ingolfured ingolfured False PENDING, blessbless f58a33b
@mattiazer mattiazer Lagfæringar og bætti við þannig að menu_bottom færist með code glugganum 4aa518a
@mattiazer mattiazer Breytingar collect static d93b568
@mattiazer mattiazer breytingar manage collectstatic 93082eb
@mattiazer mattiazer ignore code fffaf14
@mattiazer mattiazer ignore .ds_store d5385a4
@mattiazer mattiazer Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/danielbsig/Neutron-IDE 2faf56e
@mattiazer mattiazer Add to commit for merge 68b756d
@mattiazer mattiazer TopBars Merge 3e3dca8
@mattiazer mattiazer Added Run , debug control buttons , search fades in and out control+F 83cf194
@mattiazer mattiazer .. e9052f8
@mattiazer mattiazer Added Menubar options for new projects 34ecc9d
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Photo of the breakpoint 9f0dbe2
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Merge branch 'breakpoint' 0a8a0b0
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Merge branch 'master' of github.com:danielbsig/Neutron-IDE 9702295
@gvarihendrix gvarihendrix Debug window using f12 button to get it ff9b091
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