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mhi is a commandline style mailreader in the tradition of mh and nmh, but mutated to support IMAP.

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One thing that IMAP provides is the ability for multiple clients to access the same mail store. Graphical clients are all well and good, but sometimes a reversion to the commandline is necessary. Neither mh nor nmh will talk to an IMAP server (mh's original semantics, which nmh duplicates, rely on messages not auto-renumbering, as they do in IMAP folders), so I had to write my own client. Python's imaplib made this easy.


As of v0.6.5 MHI is available as a PyPI package (pip install mhi) The same version also incorporates the old mkLinks wrapper-script functionality via:

  python -m mhi.mklinks <destdir>


  • use click
  • more help - should be self-documenting

Licensing information is in the LICENSE file. (short version: GPLv3 or CCBYSA)