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bora—a simple AWS Cloudformation wrapper

Build Status


bora requires AWS SDK for Go as well as some other open source packages to compile. To install all its dependencies, run go get ./... in the project directory.

Pre-build binaries for Darwin and Linux are available.


bora requires:

  • AWS credentials, you can read about how to set these up here
  • A config file (YAML) and a matching meta-template (YAML with Go's text/template markup). Examples are available under exampleTemplates/ directory.

Roadmap and status

bora is in very early stages of development. Currently it correctly interprets meta-templates, converts them into CF files, deploys (or updates) and terminates stacks. Upcoming features:

  • Role assumption/multi-account deployment;
  • Automatic lookup of VPCs, AMIs, subnets and SGs by name;
  • Tests...
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