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Tridion PowerShell Modules

This project contains Windows PowerShell modules that allow you to easily interact with the SDL Tridion / SDL Web content management system and perform various administrative tasks.

Currently supported Tridion versions: 2011 SP1, 2013 GA, 2013 SP1, Web 8.1, Web 8.5, Sites 9.0 (and basic support for 9.5 too -- see below).


The modules are available on PowerShell Gallery. As such, they can be installed using the Install-Module cmdlet.

Install-Module -Name Tridion-CoreService 

Note: if you are using an older version of PowerShell (less than version 5), you will need to install PowerShellGet first.

After the installation is complete, import the module(s) using Import-Module to use the features.

Import-Module -Name Tridion-CoreService

Should the above steps fail to work for you, please let us know!


You can get the list of all of the commands by typing this in PowerShell: Get-Command -Module Tridion-*

Each command also has help information available (including examples), which you can read by calling Get-Help nameOfCommand (e.g. Get-Help Get-TridionUser).

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to add an entry under Issues.

A note on upgrades and versions

Each version of the suite continues to support the Core Service endpoints for the past couple of versions. Because of that, you don't always have to match the version used in the modules with the version of the suite you have. You can use a slightly older "version" without issues.

The only reason why you have to use a specific version is if you have custom code using the client returned by Get-TridionCoreServiceClient and you need to use a property or method introduced in a newer version.

In other words, you don't always need to migrate your scripts immediately as part of an upgrade of the suite -- though you'll want to ensure you don't fall too far behind (e.g. you cannot use 2013 endpoints in 9.0).

This also means that you can use version 9.0 in the modules when connecting to a Sites 9.5 system (which doesn't have its own version in the modules yet).


Windows PowerShell module allowing management of SDL Tridion (Content Management System) from the command line






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