This is AWK programming language cheat sheet.
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This is the AWK cheat sheet. AWK is a fun language to know. It allows you to
do various string processing tasks on Unix quickly. I created this cheat sheet
when I was learning AWK some years ago.

I explain a lot more about how and why I created it in my article "Awk, Nawk
and GNU Awk Cheat Sheet". This article can be read here:


This cheat sheet was created by Peteris Krumins (
His blog is at  --  good coders code, great reuse.

The cheat sheet is released under GNU Free Documentation License.


The Awk cheat sheet contains the following topics:

    * Predefined Awk variable summary for Awk, Nawk and Gawk.
    * Gnu Awk's command line summary.
    * I/O statements.
    * Numeric functions.
    * Bit manipulation functions.
    * I18N (internationalization) functions.
    * String functions,
    * Time functions.

It is available in .pdf, .txt (ascii) and .doc (microsoft word)
formats. The latest versions can always be found at:


I'm sorry that I used Microsoft Word to create it, but I was not proficient in
LaTeX back then.


Peteris Krumins