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This is the screen terminal emulator cheat sheet. It lists the default keyboard shortcuts for working with screen.
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This is a screen keyboard shortcut cheat sheet. Screen is the must-have
productivity tool for working in the Unix shell.

It was created by Peteris Krumins (  His blog is at  --  good coders code, great reuse.

The cheat sheet is released under GNU Free Document License.

The cheat sheet was created as a part of my article "Screen VT100/ANSI
Terminal Emulator Cheat Sheet". This article can be read here:


The keyboard shortcuts are sorted alphabetically by the 2nd keyboard key.

You should at least know the following keyboard shortcuts:

    * Ctrl-a c       - Create a new window with a shell and switch to it.
    * Ctrl-a Ctrl-a  - Switch between current and previous window.
    * Ctrl-a k       - Kill the current window.
    * Ctrl-a n       - Switch to the next window.
    * Ctrl-a p       - Switch to the previous window.
    * Ctrl-a ESC     - Enter scrollback mode. Hit ESC again to quit.
    * Ctrl-a Ctrl-d  - Detach the window. To attach again, type `screen -r` in
                       the shell.

Syntax "Ctrl-a X" means "first press Ctrl-a, then release these keys and press
key X".

Syntax "Ctrl-a Ctrl-X" means "press Ctrl-a, then not releasing Ctrl key, press
the X key".


Have fun and be more productive on the command line!

Peteris Krumins

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