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xavs2 is an open-source encoder of AVS2-P2/IEEE1857.4 video coding standard.

A decoder, davs2, can be found at Github or Gitee (mirror in China).

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Build it


Use VS2013 or later version of visual studio to open the solution file ./build/vs2013/xavs2.sln, then set the xavs2 as the start project and build it.


  1. A shell executor, i.e. the bash in git for windows, is needed and should be found in PATH variable. For example, the path C:\Program Files\Git\bin can be added if git-for-windows is installed.
  2. nasm.exe with version 2.13 (or later version) is needed and should be put into the build/vs2013 directory. For windows platform, you can downloaded the packege and unpack the zip file to get nasm.exe:


$ cd build/linux
$ ./configure
$ make

Try it

./xavs2 [-f encoder.cfg [-f seq.cfg]] [-p ParameterName=value] [--ParameterName=value]

Encode with configuration files

./xavs2 -f encoder.cfg -f seq4K.cfg -p InputFile=input.yuv -p FramesToBeEncoded=500 \
  -p preset=0 -p recon=. -p initial_qp=32 -p OutputFile=test.avs

Enocde without configuraton files

./xavs2 -p InputFile=input.yuv --FramesToBeEncoded=500 --fps=50 \
  --SourceWidth=3840 --SourceHeight=2160 --InputSampleBitDepth=8 --SampleBitDepth=8 \
  --thread_frames=1 --thread_rows=1 --preset=0 \
  --recon=. --initial_qp=32 --OutputFile=test.avs

How to Report Bugs and Provide Feedback

Use the "Issues" tab on Github.

How to Contribute

We welcome community contributions to this project. Thank you for your time! By contributing to the project, you agree to the license and copyright terms therein and to the release of your contribution under these terms.

If you have some bugs or features fixed, and would like to share with the public, please make a Pull Request.

Contribution process

  • Validate that your changes do not break a build

  • Perform smoke tests and ensure they pass

  • Submit a pull request for review to the maintainer

Known workitems or bugs

  • high bit-depth (i.e. 10-bit) support and SIMD optimization.

  • Rate-control in CBR, VBR.

  • Adaptive scene change detection and frame type decision.

  • NEON support for ARM platform.

  • and so on.



AVS2-P2/IEEE1857.4 Encoder: xavs2 (Github), xavs2 (mirror in China)

AVS2-P2/IEEE1857.4 Decoder: davs2 (Github), davs2 (mirror in China)


An open-source encoder of AVS2-P2/IEEE1857.4 video coding standard







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