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miyagawa committed Jan 6, 2010
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@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ This interface B<SHOULD> be implemented by PSGI servers, and
C<psgi.streaming> environment B<MUST> be set to true in such servers.
To enable a delayed response, the application B<SHOULD> return a
-callback as its response. An application B<MAY>check if the
+callback as its response. An application B<MAY> check if the
C<psgi.streaming> environment is true and falls back to the direct
response if it isn't.
@@ -482,8 +482,8 @@ methods. Again, an example illustrates this best.
This delayed response and streaming API is useful if you want to
implement a non-blocking I/O based server streaming or long-poll Comet
-push technology, but could also be used to write unbuffered write in a
-blocking server.
+push technology, but could also be used to implement unbuffered writes
+in a blocking server.
=head2 Middleware
@@ -458,9 +458,7 @@ C<wait_for_new_message> can be blocking or non-blocking: it's up to
you. Most of the case you want to run it non-blockingly and should use
event loops like L<AnyEvent>. You may also check C<psgi.nonblocking>
value to see that it's possible and fallback to a blocking call
-otherwise to be compatible with non streaming capable servers, but
-you're not required to, since it's defined as SHOULD in the
-specification now.
Also, to stream the content body (like streaming messages over the
Flash socket or multipart XMLHTTPRequest):

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