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The pure javascript client for The Lacuna Expanse.
JavaScript CSS


The files contained herein are the front end code that make up the game called "The Lacuna Expanse". This code is distributed under the terms set forth in the LICENSE file. For more information about The Lacuna Expanse visit The Lacuna Expanse. For more information about The Lacuna Expanse Developers Program visit Lacuna Developers.

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Lacuna-Web-Client requires Nodejs to hack on. For installing, see their wiki.

Setup of this client should look something like this:

git clone
cd Lacuna-Web-Client
npm install gulp -g # installs the build tool, gulp. This should be a once-off.
npm install # installs the dependencies: jquery, express, etc..
gulp dev # compiles js/css and launches dev server.

Gulp Tasks

In this project, Gulp is used to manage building the code. All the tasks that can be run are documented below. Note: there are several undocumented tasks. This is intentional as they are small parts of a larger task.


gulp build

Runs the entire process of pulling all the JavaScript/CSS together and creates minified versions of them. This is also the default task, meaning that running just gulp in the command line will run this task.

PRODUCTION=1 gulp build

This does the same as above but it prepares the code itself for production. For example, there are a few development-only bits that get removed in this process. A deploy on a production server would need to do this or the client won't load properly.


gulp dev

This puts all the JavaScript and CSS together and starts a web server for run the web client. Open up a browser to the US1 mirror page and you should see the it working.


gulp serve

This just runs the server for running the client in a browser.

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