A python app that updates Spotify playlists with music from the top of the charts for various decades
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50Year Radio

This is the source for 50 Year Radio, a python app that updates a set of Spotify playlists with the top tracks from the past.

The script is intended to be run once a week (crontab for the win). It currently updates the following playlists:

  • 50 Years Ago in Music
  • 40 Years Ago in Music
  • 30 Years Ago in Music
  • 20 Years Ago in Music
  • 10 Years Ago in Music
  • 5 Years Ago in Music

It also tweets info about the updated playlists to a twitter account.

The chart data is derived from The Whitburn Project.

The app uses the Spotify API to create the playlists and the Twitter API to tweet the tweets.


% python update_radio.py [year]

or more typically as a crontab entry:

0 9 * * 1  /path/to/app/go

to run the script a 9AM every monday


The script uses spotipy and tweepy

The script looks for credentials in environment variables (which are not maintained in the repo for obvious reasons). The following ENV variables should be set:

  • export SPOTIPY_CLIENT_ID='xxx'
  • export SPOTIPY_CLIENT_SECRET='xxx'
  • export SPOTIPY_REDIRECT_URI='https://xxx/yyy'
  • export twitter_consumer_key='xxx'
  • export twitter_consumer_secret='xxx'
  • export twitter_access_token='xxx'
  • export twitter_access_token_secret='xxx'