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Planetarium Engineering Snack
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Planetarium Engineering Snack

This repository contains the contents and the website settings of Planetarium Engineering Snack, our engineering blog. The whole website is compiled into static web pages using Hugo.

Local setup

  1. Install Hugo.

    (You can install it by brew install hugo on macOS or choco install hugo-extended on Windows.)

  2. Clone this Git repository.

  3. In the cloned repository directory, type the following command:

    hugo server -w -F

    This watches all file changes so that automatically recompiles them and let the browser refresh.

Writing posts

The posts are placed under content/posts/ directory. Posts are organized according to their published dates and each post is named a short slug with the three-letter language code, e.g.:


To add a new post, type the following command:

hugo new posts/`date +%Y/%m`/

A created draft file would contain the sample front matter too. The authors field is a list of author IDs and you could find all author IDs from data/authors/ directory (a .toml suffix is not a part of an author ID). You probably could not find the author data file for yourself. You should create a new author data file by yourself.

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