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Awesome Series @ Planet Open Data

World (Countries, Cities, Codes, ...)Football (Clubs, Players, Stadiums, ...)SQLite (Tools, Books, Schemas, ...)


A collection of awesome sqlite tools, scripts, books, etc.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Looking for awesome SQLite libraries in Ruby? See the Awesome ActiveRecord List @ Planet Ruby.

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.

SQLite Headquarters (HQ)

Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose any three.


SQLite Documentation / History

SQLite Books

SQLite Modules / Extensions

  • Text File Reader for SQLite (TFR4SQLite) (github: elau1004/TFR4SQLite) by Edward Lau -- read any structured text file according to your parsing spec into SQLite

SQLite Derivates

  • sql.js (github: kripken/sql.js) -- SQLite compiled to JavaScript (using asm.js) through Emscripten


Microsoft ODBC


Language Bindings

R Language


Microsoft .NET

  • System.Data.SQLite (web: system.data.sqlite.org) -- a SQLite ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).NET driver with Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and Entity Framework support; official support by SQLite HQ

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • SQLite for Excel (codeplex: sqliteforexcel) -- SQLite wrapper for VBA

and many more

SQLite Admin Tools


  • sqlite-web ★217 (github: coleifer/sqlite-web) by Charles Leifer -- a web-based SQLite database browser written in Python
  • sqliteweb ★46 (github: hypebeast/sqliteweb) by Sebastian Ruml -- a web-based SQLite database browser written in Go
  • phpliteadmin ★31 (web: phpliteadmin.org, github: phpLiteAdmin/pla) -- a web-based SQLite database admin tool written in PHP





A spatial SQLite extension for vector geodata functionality


  • datapak (github: textkit/datapak, gem: datapak) -- Ruby tool and library for working with tabular data packages (.csv files w/ .json) using SQLite (via ActiveRecord)
  • q command line tool (github: harelba/q -- Python script; lets you run SQL directly on CSV files
  • csvs-to-sqlite (github: simonw/csvs-to-sqlite, pypi: csvs-to-sqlite) -- Python command-line tool for loading one or more CSV files and converting them into a SQLite database


Schema Documentation Generators

  • schemadoc (github: rubylibs/schemadoc, gem: schemadoc) -- documents your database schemas (tables, columns, etc.); uses SQLite (via ActiveRecord)
  • sqleton (github: inukshuk/sqleton) by Sylvester Keil -- ['skelɪtən]; visualizes your SQLite database schema (requires graphviz)

SQLite Schemas

Ready-to-Use (Instant) Database Schemas

  • football.db (github: openfootball/schema.sql) - teams, competitions, seasons, matches, goals, rounds, groups, etc.
  • beer.db (github: openbeer/schema.sql) - beer, brand, brewery, etc.
  • Chinook Database (codeplex: chinookdatabase), (chinook.sqlite Download) - online music store (artists, albums, genres, playlists, media tracks, customers, invoices, employees) with sample data; inspired by the "classic" Microsoft Northwind database

SQLite Web Service (JSON API) Publishers / Containers

Turn your Database into Ready-to-Use (Instant) Online Web Services (JSON APIs) w/ Query Language (QL)

  • Datasette (github: simonw/datasette) by Simon Willison - an instant JSON API for your SQLite databases



The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the sqlite-users mailing list. Thanks!